That “Just Had Your Teeth Cleaned Feel”!!

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            Who doesn’t love the feeling of your teeth right after you have visited your hygienist for a cleaning? We know we do!!

            If you are like us and our patients and would like that feeling every day you need to try Livionex! Not only will it replace the need to try ALL those other types of toothpastes out there but you will be able to say that your toothpaste is 2.5 times MORE effective at removing plaque! Helping you to have healthier gums, and a healthier smile! If you deal with bleeding gums while brushing Livionex can help control this within just days of starting!! Livionex also has the ability to remineralize your teeth faster without the use of any harsh abrasives.

            Because Livionex doesn’t use any detergents or antimicrobials it doesn’t foam like other leading brands of toothpaste, but don’t let that fool you. Livionex is doing its job getting the plaque and bacteria off your teeth! You don’t need a special toothbrush, any toothbrush will do, and it won’t affect any of your other normal hygiene routines that you may have!

            The best way to sum up Livionex, is exactly the way that the company says it... “Dental plaque is a bacteria biofilm and like glue or cement, and is hard to remove. Livionex uses activated edathamil to break up this biofilm, making it over 2.5 times more effective than the leading anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis toothpaste.”(You can visit our website, click on patient education and watch a short video on what biofilm is and how it effects the whole body.)

           Since our patients have been using Livionex we have seen a huge change in their tissues as well as the overall health of their mouths. They all report that their mouths feel so much cleaner during the day and that they really can actually tell the overall health of their mouths has improved.  Who doesn’t want to be able to say that about their smile!!


            If you think that you would like to try out this great product or just make the switch for good, please contact us by phone 817-641-2511 or even contact us through our website !

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