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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Cleburne Dentistry, office of Dr. Robert 0. Kelly, DDS, FAGD in Cleburne Texas. Dr. Kelly has devoted over 40 years to educating and helping to improve the overall health of our patients. Our office understands and works hard to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Our office offers one- on- one time with Dr. Kelly where all of your questions, concerns and expectations are discussed and thoroughly addressed to make sure that you experience and receive the best dental care. CareCredit Dental FinancingWe want to improve the lives of our patients by helping them live healthier and happier.

Here at Dr. Kelly's office we enjoy our visits and helping to educate all of our special needs patients that visit us from Rock House, CLC, Pecan Valley, Day Break Community, Etc.

Come feel the difference and experience a dentist who knows that your oral health is directly related to your overall health. Through meaningful education and over all genuine care we will help you achieve the radiant and healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

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Arrested decay (reversed decay) on a molar tooth. With proper oral health teachings and dedication some decay can be stopped by something as simple as improving your brushing and flossing! One of our 6 year old patients has helped us prove our teachings!! We are so very proud of her!! (the darker colored areas are now hard healthy tooth structure)

"My family and I have been patients of Dr Kelly for 27 years with wonderful results! We have had complete trust in he and his entire staff with all our dental needs! Warm and caring people!"

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